Settling your child in

Knowing what to expect before you begin at a new setting can really help relieve any stress or anxiety that you or your child may be feeling at the start of a new preschool adventure. Set out below is a rundown of how it works, from the first show round to your child starting with us.

Step 1

First you will need to get in touch and request a ‘show round’. You can arrange this by calling us on 01233 770691 (during term time) or sending us an email to

The show round allows you to see us in full swing, ask any questions you may have, meet the staff and observe the environment, with no obligation to sign your child up.

During this visit you will be given an information pack to take away, along with an application form should you decide to proceed with us.

Step 2

If you decide Smarden Pre School is the preschool for you, we will need you to fill in the application form. The form tells us what sessions you would ideally like and when you would like your child to start (subject to availability).

Once the application form has been returned to us, we will be in touch to confirm availability or suggest alternative options. We will also arrange a convenient time for you to come back in to fill in the registration paper work, this usually lasts up to 1 hour. The paperwork visit is a good time for your child to familiarise themselves with the setting and the staff but with the comfort of knowing that you are nearby.

Step 3

Once you have registered your child with us they are entitled to a free 3 hour free settling in period. Every child is different and therefore this part of the procedure is extremely flexible. Some children have a 3 hour settling in session in one go before starting with us whereas others will split their 3 hours across 2 or 3 days. Our main aim is to make the transition into preschool a happy, positive one, for both child and parent.

Step 4

Your child will start their new chapter with us at Smarden Pre School.

We will now issue your child with their own ‘Colin book bag’, a ‘Communication Book’ and confirm who their Key Person will be (if we have not already done so). Your Key Person is a named practitioner who will help your child feel safe and secure; they will respond to your child’s needs and help them settle into the new environment.  Your Key Person will communicate directly with you via the communication book or in person and let you know how your little one has been getting on.

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