Katie Lipscomb and Abi Cox head up the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities aspect of Smarden Pre School. We strive to accept children regardless of their needs or disabilities.

People can sometimes feel a little concerned when the word SEND is used in relation to their child, however it is a great support mechanism designed to help each child progress and achieve their personal learning goals.

Katie and Abi will support you and your child if a development delay is detected. This may be due to your child needing a little more support in one area, it may be that your child has been prescribed glasses, a hearing aid or any other health complication that may have an impact on their development. It may be a behaviour issue or a family bereavement.

Your child may have a health need to consider and have other outside professionals involved already. In this instance we would work alongside these professionals and you to provide the best care and learning environment for your child.

If we have any concerns, we will always discuss them with you in order to establish what, if any, course of action is needed.

Ultimately you will want to visit us to ensure that our facilities meet your child’s individual needs and we welcome such visits.